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Итоговый тест по теме «Предлоги» за курс 4 класса составлен на основе учебника И.Н. Верещагиной, О.В. Афанасьевой «Английский язык 4 класс для общеобразовательных школ и школ с углублённым изучением английского языка». Тест имеет повышенный уровень сложности.

Время выполнения теста – 20 – 25 минут. Учащимся необходимо выбрать правильный вариант ответа из четырёх предложенных и записать предлог на место пропуска в бланк с заданием или на отдельном листе, указывая номер предложения и букву с выбранным предлогом.

Правильные ответы

c – in

b – for

b – at

a – at

b – at

a – on

d – --

c – on

b – for

c – to

b – by

c – at

a – to

d – for

b – by

d – to

b – at

a – to

b – in

a – of

a – at

c – in, to

a – for

b – of

d – to

c – of

a – through

b – up

d – at

a – on

Предлагаемая шкала отметок по итогам теста

«5»: 30 – 29 правильных ответов

«4»: 28 – 24 правильных ответов

«3»: 23 – 18 правильных ответов

«2»: 17 и менее правильных ответов

Итоговый тест по теме «Предлоги» за курс 4 класса

Повышенный уровень сложности

Choose the right variant

1. Tom is interested … reading books.

a) at b) on c) in d) of

2. She is never late … school.

a) after b) for c) to d) in

3. He sits … the first desk in the classroom.

a) on b) at c) in d) before

4. I usually go to school … half past seven.

a) at b) in c) on d) by

5. Never laugh … old people.

a) in b) at c) on d) above

6. We have P. E. … the timetable today.

a) on b) in c) at d) up

7. Will you join … us for a walk?

a) to b) with c) at d) -

8. He doesn’t get … well with his brother.

a) by b) in c) on d) at

9. London is famous … its museums.

a) after b) for c) by d) with

10. The pupils listened … their teacher with great interest.

a) for b) at c) to d) by

11. We went there … car.

a) on b) by c) in d) –

12. Who are you shouting … ?

a) on b) under c) at d) for

13. What happened … her?

a) to b) with c) at d) by

14. When did you leave … London?

a) in b) after c) before d) for

15. Shall we learn it … heart?

a) on b) by c) at d) in

16. Could you explain it … me, please.

a) on b) in c) at d) to

17. In Russia children begin to go to school … the age of six.

a) after b) at c) on d) in

18. Be kind … animals.

a) to b) in c) on d) with

19. What can you see … this the picture?

a) on b) in c) at d) into

20. I am proud … my country.

a) of b) at c) by d) in

21. At last we have arrived … the airport.

a) at b) in c) by d) on

22. The teacher speaks … a kind voice … her pupils.

a) -, to b) with, with c) in, to d) in, with

23. We have got two tickets … the ballet “Sleeping Beauty”.

a) for b) to c) by d) on

24. I am tired … this hard work.

a) at b) of c) by d) under

25. We have always been devoted … our Motherland.

a) by b) in c) for d) to

26. I am afraid … dogs.

a) by b) in c) of d) at

27. Look … the window and you’ll see me.

a) through b) out c) from d) in

28. Sometimes Kate doesn’t read books … to the end.

a) in b) up c) by d) at

29. These two countries are … war.

a) in b) to c) with d) at

30. It doesn’t depend … me.

a) on b) by c) of d) at