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a child
children's hospital
to be treated
a doctor
to master the profession

“Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you're put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

Vincent van Gogh

Probably one of the main witnesses of how a child grows and changes is a pediatrician. The word is of Greek origin. It combines the word  «paidos»  which means  «child», and the word «jatreia»  meaning  "physician". The history of pediatrics can be traced back to 1802, when the first children's hospital was opened in Paris. Before it children used to be treated at home.

A pediatrician is a doctor who needs not only to take care of the prevention and treatment of a small patient, but also to follow his or her development, give the parents advice on caring for him or her. Vaccination is of great importance in pediatrics: currently there are a lot of vaccinations that can protect a child from contracting dangerous infections.

Borodina Zoya Petrovna has been a pediatrician in the village of Staromarevka for 49 years. She has been dreaming of becoming a doctor since childhood, and long has studied to master the profession. It was not easy to achieve such success in medicine, she has come a long way.

Zoya Petrovna's working day begins with the reception of children at the clinic. After that, she visits the little patients at home. The village is rather big so she usually has to see and examine a lot of children daily.  And at the very end of the day she goes to see newborn children in order to check their health. Most often, for the reception of the smallest patients to a pediatrician, a specific day of the week is prescribed when babies do not come into contact with other, possibly sick, children. This approach ensures a relatively safe visit to the clinic.

In youth Zoya Petrovna was fond of knitting. It was her hobby. She has knitted a large number of beautiful dresses. According to Zoya Petrovna at the moment her favourite entertainment is travelling to the capital of Russia Moscow. Here she loves to go to theaters and other places of interest. 

The work of a pediatrician is a huge responsibility. As for Zoya Petrovna the most important duty of a pediatrician can be called the timely diagnosis of violations of the normal functioning of the child's body. Zoya Petrovna is an experienced doctor, thus she knows almost all diseases that a child may have. Pediatrics is one of the most needed professions. The health and life of a child depends on the pediatrician, only he or she can answer the question whether the baby is developing correctly or not. Parents, however, are not always able to determine it themselves.

I am grateful to Borodina Zoya Petrovna for the fact that her choice fell on this profession. After all, she helped a great number of children to recover from various diseases. And everyone in Staromarevka can confirm that Zoya Petrovna is a naturally born pediatrician. Sometimes it seems that only her voice and touch are enough to cure a baby. There are a lot of people in our village, already grownups that remember her with gratefulness and tender.

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Арутюнян В.С. ZOYA PETROVNA BORODINA - THE PEDIATRICIAN WHOM LOVE AND ADORE A LOT OF GENERATIONS OF STAROMAREVKA // Международный школьный научный вестник. – 2021. – № 2. ;
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