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Авдеева Н.О. 1
1 г. Саратов, МОУ «СОШ №55», 7 класс
Нарцева О.Ю. (Саратов, МОУ «СОШ № 55»)

I will tell you the story that happened on the Christmas Eve. It is the story of the blue Snow Flake. It was winter and a night of bitter cold. The snow lay thick on the ground and on the branches of the trees. The snow covered up the fields with the great white cloak. The frost painted all the trees and bushes silver. It seemed that the Earth was going to be married and this is her bridal dress. The rivers were motionless for the Ice-King had kissed them. The animals curled themselves up in their holes and kept rubbing each others noses to keep themselves warm. Nobody vertured to look out of doors. The old wolf limped through the brushwood with his tail between his legs. It was terribly cold.

The only one who seemed to enjoy such weather was the North – Wind. He was dressed in white and he roared all night about the fields and blew the chimney-pots down. When the moon appeared on the heaven the strange thing was happened. There emerged from the heaven the Snow-Flake of amazing beauty. She was weaved out of the threads the moon light and the snow dust. She was not like her sisters – other snow-flakes. Her hair was as a fleece of silver, her lips were like the petals of a white rose, her eyes were like two pure pearls. Her needles sparkled like diamonds. She was whirling gracefully in the air passing by the other snowflakes.

So beautiful was she that when the North – Wind saw her, he was filled with wonder. The North – Wind clasped her and ran round and round the fields as fast as he could go.

The Snow – Flake cried with joy and danced with the North – Wind through the trees. The Snow – Flake laughed for pleasure dancing in the arms of the North – Wind. Suddenly the North – Wind stopped dancing and ceased roaring. He loosened his arms from about the Snow – Flake and she slowly started to fall down on the lake.

She fell down on the surface of the frozen lake. She looked down at the lake like at the mirror and saw a marvelous thing, which was her own reflection. Once she fell in love with herself. She looked down at the marvel of her own face and laughed for pleasure she had in her fairness.

Her beauty worked her evil. The Snow- Flake was selfish and vain. The Ice – King touched her heart with his ice magic hand and it became a piece of ice.

She was as one enamored of beauty and she despised other snow-flakes saying that they were of mean parentage while she was noble being sprung from the Moonlight.

She said: «I am the most beautiful Snow-flake in the world. I have to be the mistress over you and you will serve me. Other snow-flakes obeyed and followed her for she was fair».

The North-wind came back. He called her to dance with him for she was the most graceful and beautiful of all the Snow-flakes. So rain was she that she laughed and said angrily: «How dare you to offer me to be your companion. I’m the most marvelous Snow-flake in the world, I’m of noble parentage. I’m sprung from the Moonlight, I don’t like you. Your arms are terribly cold. Your breath is like ice. Your kisses like the snaps of an adder. You are cruel to your prisoners – those who are in your snowy clasps. I will not dance with you». The Snow-flake had a dream. She said: «I wish to dance with the Sun Ray. I want the Sun smile at me and I’ll bathe in his sunshine. The sunbeams will play on my needles and they’ll glisten like million of precious brilliances. Even the stars will envy my beauty». The North-Wind looked scornfully at the rain, stupid Snow-flake and said nothing for he was old and he knew that it was the false dream. He roared angrily and went away. He blew and blew all night. The sky was cleared from dark clouds. At the day broke the first sunray felt on the snow – Flake. The cry of joy and pain broke up from her lips. The sunray pierced the ice heat of the Snow – Flake. A fierce pang of pain shot through her. The white Moon heard the cry of the Snow – Flake and she forgot the dawn and lingered on the sky. She looked down at the vain Snow – Flake, frowned, flouted and left the skyline what happened to the marvelous Snow – Flake. She melted away. The Snow – Flake turned into a small drop of water that was glistening like silver in the sunlight.

That was the end of the marvelous, selfish Snow – Flake.

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Авдеева Н.О. РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ ИСТОРИЯ // Международный школьный научный вестник. – 2018. – № 6-2. ;
URL: https://school-herald.ru/ru/article/view?id=821 (дата обращения: 29.05.2024).

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